How football is turning away from the fans


Football is going in a direction that is all for the money if it has not already it will soon be nothing about the fans. Children will grow up thinking that football is a TV show and not a sport.

The new ‘logo’ that Juventus now have is another way of seeing that football is now turning into a business and it is not for the fans now in my opinion. It has no feel to it, ok it looks good to people, but it is not the way that we want it to look like as football fans. It does not resemeble what the club is all about with its history. The previous Juventus badge was an oval shaped crest and had black and white stripes filling the inside of it. This was because they were the first football team to wear black and white stripes. Ok they have kept the colour scheme but they have not kept the crest the way the fans knew the football club. In the last badge it had two stars, one for winning the Italian Football Championship and the Serie A title. The new badge has none of that, as if it is a new start and going in a different direction which in my opinion is very much the wrong step to take the club forward whilst keeping the fans on side instead of thinking about the money all the time.

It is not just that, which makes me worried that the beautiful game is dying. The TV Broadcasting channels have a big part to play. Sky Sports in particular along with BT Sport and other media outlets also. The new TV budget for the Premier League is absolutely disgraceful, the amount of money that the teams within that league are getting just to have their matches shown live on TV. If it continues the way it is going, there will be a football match within the Premier League live on TV every single day, which will take the fun out of the traditional 3 O’clock kick offs on a Saturday afternoon.

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In my opinion, another way which is proving that the game has taken the modern football route is that the football grounds are now not grounds, in fact you can’t even call them stadiums! They are now arenas with many sponsored by big businesses, and no longer hold their iconic ground names such as ‘Pride Park’, ‘St James Park’, ‘The City of Manchester Stadium’ they are all grounds that people knew them as and now they have sponsored names just so the club or ‘business’ can have money invested in them.

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The ideas of video technology being introduced into football, scares me. Referees are humans like everyone else, me being one myself. Yes it might give the referees help but in the words of the Belgium manager Roberto Martinez talking when he was manager of Everton.

“But having replays for the fourth official, I don’t think that goes with the nature of the game. I don’t think the fourth official has got the perfect environment to do that.”  Martinez told the Liverpool Echo in 2014)

So, I think that I have made my opinions quite clear in this article. Ha! Overall I believe that football is going in the complete wrong direction to what it should be going in my opinion.


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